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Ways to share Love this Valentine’s Season ♡

Hey guys...we welcome you to the ultimate Love season where we choose to honour Valentine's Day by spreading love to our significant others, potential lovers and even strangers, in whatever way we can, through gifts, calls, cards, chocolates, etc.

Whether you’re single, in a relationship or in that ‘it’s complicated’ phase, Valentine’s day is meant to be a celebration of love. This year, it falls on a Sunday, which means you have enough time to shower your loved ones with love and affection. To help you plan, we will be sharing some tricks and treats that will make the day special...Grab a chilled drink and explore with us.


People say ‘the secret to a mans heart is through his stomach’. I believe the same holds true for a woman. Everyone loves good food.

Our Ideas:

  1. Sending a breakfast tray

  2. Booking a private chef

  3. Cooking a new meal together (take it a step further and make it themed e.g. Fajitas for Mexican, Chicken Tagine for Moroccan, Tapas for Spanish)

Irrespective of what you choose, consider adding a little note to accompany each part of the meal- starters, main and dessert. Let him or her know what you adore about them and what you’re grateful for when you spend quality time with them. For your significant other, ‘I love our cuddles before we go to sleep’ or ‘I love how you get things done around the house for me and the kids’. For your kids, ‘I love how beautifully you do your homework after school hours’. For that special work friend or your best girlfriend or boyfriend, ‘Thank you for all the support you give me’ or quite simply ‘Thanks for making me smile this week’.

Quality Time

Most of us are caught up with hectic schedules starting Monday morning and partly ending Friday evening. For some, it never ends as weekends are packed with either work or extracurricular activities. Time slips by as we rush to complete urgent tasks which relate to our jobs, household, children, parents, relatives, spouses, kids school, to name a few.

Despite this, we all acknowledge, that spending quality time together is the best way to show each other that we care and that our families are important. So we’ve collated a few tips to help you create that quality time this Valentine’s Day.

Our Ideas:

  1. Games Night- spend the night playing games you both enjoy but haven’t had time to play in a while

  2. Tales by Moonlight - sharing family stories or stories from your younger days during an evening walk

  3. Come Dine with Us- this could be afternoon tea, family brunch or Sunday picnic. With any of these, switch off your phones and be intentional.

“Time is the currency of relationships. If you want to invest in your relationships, start by investing your time.”


Buying gifts for a loved one can never go out of style, the thoughtfulness of going out of ones way to buy something, no matter how little, shows he/she is thinking of you during this season of love. Valentine’s day should be a day where no one feels left out so we’ve curated 5 senses gift ideas you choose for someone special.

Our Ideas:

  1. Smell- Bouquet of flowers, Scented candles/ diffusers, perfumes.

  2. Sight- Jewellery like a bracelet, necklace or cute stud earrings, a nice novel or journal, wall art/ decor, personalised frame with a picture of you both

  3. Taste: Chocolates, coffee beans, a bottle of wine, cookies

  4. Touch: massage oils, spa vouchers, shaving kit, pamper product, teddy bear

  5. Hear: Amazon Echo, AirPods, headphones

If none of these work for you, choose a specially curated item or the perfect gift for your loved one via our website so you can take the stress off you this season.

This year, be someone’s Valentine. Actually, be a lot of people’s Valentine. Spread the spirit of the love to those who make your life sweeter with a genuine expression of gratitude towards them and maybe even a token of your kind thoughts. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers and in my opinion, shouldn’t just be celebrated on February 14th. This year, celebrate your loved ones with the little things you do, kind words, and happy moments you give.

Happy Valentine’s Day

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