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The Gift Fairy is a one-stop gifting company based in Lagos, Nigeria. Since 2015, we’ve been creating expertly crafted and personalised gifts to help you commemorate your most treasured memories. Whether it’s your first year anniversary and you are looking to surprise a loved one with a well thought out gift or, you are looking to show appreciation to your boss at work, we are here to add that special touch to your celebrations. 

What makes us different is the personal touch we add to our services. We are passionate about gifting so we go the extra mile to understand the recipients better. We believe It is not about what gift you give, but what the gift means to the receiver. Our consulting team offers a range of complimentary services, from the sourcing of bespoke gifts to providing personalised gift recommendations.


We believe a diverse range of gifts should be easily accessible, particularly in Nigeria and The Gift Fairy is determined to make this a reality.


Dami T is a lawyer who graduated from the University of Leicester and has her Masters Degree in Law from the University of Aberdeen. She is a blossoming Nigerian entrepreneur, creative director and founder of The Gift Fairy. She has a strong penchant for giving and receiving gifts. 


She birthed The Gift Fairy from her passion to create extraordinary moments through gifts that are made with love. Whatever the occasion, she has lots of inspiration and experience to help you curate the perfect gift package for your loved ones.


Dami places a lot of emphasis on gift packaging so your recipient will be 'wowed' from the start of the gifting experience.


“I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver”- Maya Angelou

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