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The Etiquette of Gifting

If a person matters, giving the right gift, in the right place, at the right time is important.

A well curated gift can put the receiver in a good mood or improve one’s relationship with the person. It’s also a way to remind a loved one that you care. Whatever the occasion, gift giving is a special social ritual that requires thoughtfulness and consideration of the recipient.

Gifting is an art that every individual should learn, because it can be a perfect way into a person’s heart so here are five key things to consider when gifting:

  • Remember, It is NOT About You: The first etiquette to consider when gifting is to focus on the person and not yourself. Don’t think that just because you like a particular item, everyone else should like it too. To avoid the gift being tossed away, re-gifted or forgotten, make gifting about the receiver.

  • Pay Attention to The Receiver’s Passion: Always listen and be attentive about the things that excite someone, what they’re passionate about, their likes and dislikes. If you study a person enough, you will find out something about what they love, which will aid you in picking out the right gift.

  • Don’t be Fooled, Looks Do Matter: Take the time and effort to present your gifts in the right way, regardless of how little the gift is.. Presentation really counts in gifting; a lovely wrapping paper, gift bag or box could go a long way in making a gift look attractive and presentable.You Add a personalised touch by adding a little note or card to it; nothing says how much you care like a thoughtful handwritten note.

  • It is Not A Gift if You Expect Anything in Return: Never expect anything in return for the gift you are sending out. If it is reciprocated by the recipient, that's good....if it isn’t, don’t feel entitled to one. Give generously and with an open heart.

  • Have a Budget if You’re Not Bill Gates: Give generously but realistically and within your means. Having a budget is so important to avoid going outside your planned budget. Avoid comparing what you got from the receiver with what you will be gifting to them. If he/she bought you an expensive gift and you can’t afford something within that budget, that’s ok too. In some cases, a thoughtful and well chosen gift can be more meaningful than an expensive one.

Hope this serves as a guide to successful gifting and makes your next gift a treasured momento by the receiver.

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