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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Hi guys! Let’s face it, we’re all human.

We make mistakes, and sometimes, the result of those mistakes can include an angry or hurt friend, spouse or family member. Telling them you're sorry is one thing, but showing them you're sorry with an apology gift takes it to a whole new level.

The fact that they aren’t necessary or expected AND that you offered one anyway, shows the recipient that you put extra effort in trying to make things right again.

Here are 9 wonderful apology gifts you might consider if you happen to muck things up. Lol!

1. Dinner Treat: Whether you’re trying to make amends with your sweetheart, your father, your cousin or your best friend, a great dinner can help. Take them out to their favorite restaurant and enjoy the time there together. This, coupled with a sincere apology is likely to do the trick!

2. Sentimental Gift: Make your loved one feel special by giving them a sentimental keep sake gift. It could be as simple as an engraved keyring with an apology message or an engraved necklace.

3. Sweet treat Bouquet with Balloons: A bouquet of sweet treats with balloons makes a perfect gift for someone who has a sweet tooth. You can take it up a notch by including a message cookie that says “Sorry I screwed up!” It’s adorable, tasty, and a great way to say, “I’m sorry.”

4. Plan a Picnic: Take him or her to a favorite outdoor place. Include their favorite snack or beverages and spend the day together.

5. Voice Recording: Record a little voice note using their favorite song in a card and sing along while presenting the playing card. This will go well with a red velvet or chocolate cake depending on the preferred flavor of the recipient.

6. Box of Chocolate and Wine: Say sorry with a box of custom chocolate and a sparkling red wine or champagne with beautiful fresh flowers carefully handcrafted by an expert florist.

7. Exquisite Spa Gift Basket: This eye catching gift will truly wow the recipient with it’s stunning presentation of a large collection of spa products.

8. Send a quirky apology message: For a sweet and big gesture, leave tons of sticky notes where the other can find them. On each one, give a reason why they’re important to you and why you’re sorry.

9. Scented Candle: A custom scented candle will definitely lighten the mood of the recipient.

We hope these gift ideas bring you and your loved one closer together during these challenging times.

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