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Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Hello my lovelies! Today we discuss bridesmaids gift ideas. As a bride, it is pretty easy to get carried away with the frenzy of wedding planning and being the centre of attention. Notwithstanding your busy schedule, it is extremely important that you get to say thank you in the most thoughtful way possible to those who stand by you through the wedding process.

There are a bouquet of gift options out there for bridesmaids, this typically makes it time consuming and difficult to choose the perfect bridal party gift.

Here are 3 things to consider when choosing your bridesmaids gifts:

1. You might want to get them cute little items that they could use after the wedding day such as compact mirrors, hair brush, note pads, eye masks, flask etc.

2. You want it to be something unique and memorable. For example, a personalised item with their name will make your bridesmaids feel extra special.

3. You should also consider an item that they can wear on your wedding day that would look great in your wedding photographs such as bridal robes.

Here are some ‘well-thought’ curated gift items for your girls ;

- Bridesmaids Robes: Robes are very comfortable and are easy to get ready in the morning of the big day. Robes make a good gift because it can also be worn long after the wedding ceremony.

- Tote Bags: If you were thinking of creating a budget friendly customised gift set for your bridesmaids, then a tote bag is worth considering. This cute bag would come in handy on the dance floor when your bridesmaids are assisting with the money you're being sprayed. The tote bag is also perfect for them to use on a daily basis. For example, a day at the beach and of course a shopping spree!

- Cosmetic Purse: Every lady needs a bag to put their beauty products. A personalised cosmetic bag comes in handy especially when you find one with your NAME on it.

- A Bridal Survival Kit also known as An Emergency Kit: Have you ever given a thought to why some girls on the bridal train may look so flawless at the start of the wedding and mid-way they have their hair sticking out the wrong way or, smudged eye makeup, even worse, a torn dress? This ‘Must-Have’ wedding day kit shouldn’t be missing on the big day as it could literally save the day.

Here are a list of essential items that could make up a bridal emergency kit.

1. Sewing Kit

2. Clear Nail Polish

3. Bottle Of Water

4. Bobby Pins/Hair Ties/Comb/Hairspray

5. Lipstick/Other Makeup

6. Tissue

7. Ibuprofen/Band-Aids

8. Perfume/Deodorant

9. Floss/Mints

10. Tampons/ Sanitary

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Feel free to browse our bridesmaids collection for further inspiration.

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