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This half-day pamper package is perfect for those who make personal wellness a priority, and want to have some quality "Me time" but are unable to take an entire day of.

Yoga/breath-work /meditation 60 minutes Starting with a private session to calm the mind, you will spend 50 to 60 minutes with a yoga instructor who will tailor the practice to suit your needs and level of experience. This session may include a combination of stretching, breath work and meditation. Essential oils may be introduced to further enhance relaxation.

Refresh break 15 to 20 minutes

Take a nice refreshing shower, enjoy a drink of water and get changed into a comfortable room and spa slippers.

Full body massage 60 minutes

Choose between a nice gentle Swedish massage or a Deep tissue massage and our in-house therapists with healing hands will have you feeling de-stressed in no time.

Light Meal

After all the hard work of relaxing head over to the cafe for a refuel. You will have the choice of a fresh salad or a healthy wrap/sandwich. This will be accompanied by some hrarbal tea and fresh fruit juice.

Half Day Pamper Package at a Wellness Centre


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