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You are given a mission and placed into a themed room where you must explore to find hints and clues. You may find a container that needs a passcode to open, or a lock that needs a key. If you search hard enough, you can figure out passcodes, open all the locks, find hidden items, and ultimately free yourself. This includes solving mind-bending puzzles in an adrenalin-fuelled 60 minutes along with a captivating storyline, setting, and crew.



 This would be the most fun activity on the planet, especially for real time game lovers. We are committed to provide best customer experience, accuracy of the game and value for money. Providing live action theme-based game where players cooperatively discover clues, solve puzzles, accomplish task in one room in order to progress and achieve a specific goal within the time limit of 60 minutes. Currently Sherlock Holmes and Ark Raider are our highlights.


Gift Voucher covers 4 players 

Escape Room Experience for 4 (One Hour Session)


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