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For more G-share news and updates, please visit This website are valid 9 May 2019.Q: Can I set the ssl certificate used by pandoc so that it is automatically downloaded when I use the --template option The default template used for jupyter notebooks is based on However, I cannot use that template and get the default template: pandoc --template=remark-bibliography.html --output=docs which results in: WARNING: pandoc document conversion failed with rc: 1 The following error was encountered while processing the document: Parse error: Unterminated tag The error appears to be in line I know how to get a template which I like. By just replacing the link to with I get the above warning which does not need a solution. However, I prefer to just use the default template which is used for jupyter notebook. Is it possible to make pandoc use the default template instead of when using --template option? I have the impression that I need to make pandoc use an ssl certificate. However, I cannot figure out how to do that. Please note that I am not interested in cleaning up the warning (by changing settings of jupyter or anything like that). A: As you cannot make pandoc use an SSL certificate, you can use a Chrome extension that will ask you to import the same certificate: pandocKeyManager ...and give you a button to do it. 1. Field of the Invention The present invention is related to an alarm apparatus and its controlling method, in particular, the alarm apparatus and its controlling method capable of giving a warning message based on time and location information received by the apparatus. 2. Description

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يرجى تحديث النظام للوصول لخدمات سيرفر Gshare

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